Kind words from happy families

"We were all so happy with Padbury Community Kindy. Such a beautiful space for children to begin their learning journey in a caring and nurturing environment! Great playbased learning and great staff and community ❤"

- Claire Ramsey -

"Great kindy! Informal, relaxed, play based, where kids, siblings and parents are welcomed and are invited to share and contribute their ideas to kindy."

- Ana Jezdik -

"The most nurturing environment to start school in. The play based learning program considers the needs of the whole child whilst also addressing all the curriculum of any school based kindy. During his year at PCK my son was happy and confident and got plenty of music, movement, arts and crafts and outdoor time. I loved that he brought home a portfolio full of art instead of worksheets and other markers of inappropriate academic pressure. By choosing a community kindy I felt my son was able to enjoy another year of childhood. He transitioned to the school-based pre-primary seamlessly and with all necessary pre-primary skills. As a parent I also enjoyed the close community of parents, students, teachers and friends that is unique to a small community kindy, and found the teachers welcoming to parents and younger siblings… The teaching was of a high quality, including a music and movement specialist one day a week… After my experience with PCK I wouldn't consider sending my other children anywhere else."

- Hailey Oates -

"All my boys have such fond memories of Padbury Community Kindy. It was a warm, caring and fun place for them to enjoy their Kindy year."

- Meagen Horne -

"Great kindy. So glad I sent my daughters there."

- Lisa Hall -

"Padbury community kindy was the best place to start our sons schooling education. All his needs were met in a caring and safe place. Padbury community kindy has such an amazing community vibe."

- Carlie Woods -

"Padbury Community Kindy provided a really positive start to our daughter’s education. Here she could paint, draw, read, talk, sing laugh and learn. Collect stones in the fairy garden, climb trees ride bikes, ‘bake’ in the mud-kitchen and tend to the kindy's very on veggie patch. Our whole family was embraced and encouraged to get involved. The teachers at Padbury Community Kindy are passionate, qualified and nurturing. Their play-based approach prepared our daughter for a smooth and confident start to pre-primary. If you have the opportunity to join this wonderful kindy community – grab it with both hands…"

- Danielle Bignell -

"My granddaughters attended this kindy and I always enjoyed seeing their art and listening to them tell me excitedly what they had learnt that week. We attended the open days and I was always impressed by the care the teachers took and the support of the community."

- Ken Luthwood -

"Our kids loved this kindy and we would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a truly play based kindy experience."

- Gemma and Tim -

"Both of my daughters attended Padbury Community Kindy and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who wants a perfect kindy experience for their child. They are caring, play based and the kids adore the teachers. They have great facilities, the fairy garden being one of the favourites. Such a genuine experience for the kids. Best decision we made for them to go there!"

- Carla Luthwood -

"I can highly recommend Padbury Community Kindy. It is a wonderful place to send your child. It is a nice gentle way to introduce your child into the school system. A warm and welcoming environment for your little ones (and parents). I love that it is play based learning and that the children have plenty of time outdoors."

- Anne Downing -

"Absolutely fantastic! Padbury community kindergarten offers a gentle but structured introduction to the first year of schooling and is delivered by wonderful teachers. Being a community kindy parents are able to be completely involved and welcomed just as much as their children are which is precious in your child's first year of schooling. I would recommend all parents to consider this kindy as your first choice. My children loved it here! I'll always be thankful I chose Padbury community kindergarten :)"

- Ashley-Rose Bradley -

"Padbury Community Kindy is the best place for your child to begin their educational journey. They are warmly welcomed everyday (as well as all siblings) and a love for learning and enquiry is developed. I have had 3 children go to this Kindy and they all comment that this was the best year ever! So much play based learning and genuine care and community spirit. I highly recommend it to everyone."

- Carlie Plichta -

"I love this Kindy, and can't recommend it more!! The teachers foster such a nurturing and individualised learning environment. My daughters have developed their sense of self and beautiful friendships through the child centred, play based learning principles. A truly magic place!!"

- Rosie Colliver -

"Lovely kindy, very happy"

- Chris Morton-


- Do you know Padbury Community Kindy? -

If you (or someone you know) had a great experience here - we'd love to hear about it!


- Do you know Padbury Community Kindy? -

If you (or someone you know) had a great experience here - we'd love to hear about it!